Thursday, May 26, 2011


This should have been clear enough. DTOs and POCO are two different things. If, by some reason, you are as confuse as I have been:

- Data Transfer Objects are objects that only have data (properties, if we are talking about C#) and, sometimes, logic to retrieve that data.
- Plain Old CLR Objects are objects that are simple -- they have simple logic to represent a real world object. They do contain methods and stuff.

I got them both mixed up some time ago (actually, a long time ago) when designing an architecture. It took me at least an year to discover that, while similar (POCOs may look like DTOs), they weren't the same. You see, I decided not to attach any logic to my POCOs, and I thought that it was "compliant" with this design principle.

Now I was reading some stuff over the matter and remembered to post it here. Someone might make the same mistake.

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