Monday, January 19, 2009

Quick Tip: SourceSafe Internet Plug-in

Hello crowd,

I've AFK (at least, in a blog sense) for quite a while but now I think I will have more free time. I'll begin this new year with a quick tip:

I use Visual SourceSafe a lot -- it's the our default's SCM solution -- and I've ran into a problem some time ago: I wanted to use the internet (HTTP) version of the program. The reason for that was that our VSS database was stored on a Windows XP machine it's impossible to connect more than 10 simultaneos people to share in those OS. So, I thought that maybe the HTTP version of the plugin wouldn't have such restriction. 

I was wrong.

Anyway, problem is that I didn't know how the plugin worked:

  1. First, the plugin is only for Visual Studio, which means that visualization through the VSS client still is done through Windows Folder Sharing.
  2. IIS HTTP has the same limitations as WFS.
  3. The plugin is configured on the Options->Tools menu in Visual Studio, under Source Control -> Plugin Selection, which enables one to choose between common (WFS) or internet (HTTP) communication.
Of all the info on this post, the third one is the most important, since after I configured the plugin (clicking such option on a message box that poped-up), I took me almost a day to find how to turn back to the WFS plugin.

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