Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Presentation 1.0

I must say that I've been stalling beginning this web site for a few months. Keeping a real web site or a blog up-to-date is a lot of work. You HAVE to post weekly or more, or the few visitors you get won't return.

Secondly, you have to work on a good layout. This means knowing a lot of HTML (which incidentally, I do), choosing the right place to host and have at your disposition a number of free hours which none of us, computer geeks, have. That is, unless we decide we can stop playing that addictive game every night -- a thing that probably won't happen.

Third, and most important of all, you have to choose subject(s) carefully. This is difficult. It's easy to stray from what you should be talking about (your blog presentation) and begin a discussion over what type of coffee you like or your favorite supermodel.

It's no supermodel, but is my favorite

So, what can a Blog be about that there aren't a hundred more in the Web? That is a impossible question, mostly because if there's a subject that no one has ever thought of doing a Blog over, it must be rare. So I've decided to improve over some blogs that already exist and hope that mine is Google listed (otherwise, nobody will ever find me out).

And I guess that will only happen after I have fifty posts or more, but still I'm going to try. So, to answer the question, what will this blog be about?

This blog will be a place where I'm going to post SOLUTIONS to everyday problems when using a computer. Those problems should be simple stuff that most people have to do everyday, like search for stuff on files, creating reports etc. Mainly, I'll be dealing with automation, by creating a number of MACROS or using scripts to solve stuff.

The target audience will be the not-so-common computer user: someone who knows what a Word macro is or has heard of Linux shell scripting. However, no prior knowledge over programming, scripting or macros will be necessary.

The blog won't be focused on
tweaking or troubleshooting Windows, actual programming (even though some programming might surge as part of the solutions), or high-technology discussion (SOA, .Net or whatever). If it's not useful for a more common user, it won't be here.

But don't worry if you don't find what you want in this blog. I'm deadly sure there will be thousands other web sites with whatever you seek.

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